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Writing Made Easier

    Writing Reports and Memos People Will Want To Read 

This course features innovative methods that build on your existing skills so you can quickly learn to produce interesting and readable reports.

Take this class to learn how you can write the kind of reports (and even long memos) that your audience will want to read instead of avoid. Have your report get to the point quickly and then supply convincing information and arguments to inform and persuade the readers. 

Overcome 3 major problems and 3 minor problems in report writing:
  • Major: fuzzy focus, jumbled organization, and incomplete evidence or supporting information

  • Minor: jerky transitions, wordy sentences, and minor grammatical mistakes. 
Eliminate Worst Problem 

The number one problem in all report writing is that authors do not state the exact purpose for document. By starting out with a fuzzy focus, the authors throw in everything they know or can find, and thereby bury the imperative information.
Proven Method: Get help in refining your purpose to a pinpoint sharpness. 

Achieve Logical Flow and Good Organization 
  • Learn a unique method for gathering all the main ideas and organizing them in an natural outline that fits your natural style 
Converting Thoughts Into Written Language 
  • Learners will see how to convert their thoughts into proper sentences without overly casual phrases or stilted bureaucratic jargon. 
Gain and Hold Interest With Active Headings and Foreshadowing 
  • Human minds are naturally inquisitive, so effective reports used active headings and foreshadowing (hints of what's to come) to pique readers' interest. 
Select The Right Graphics, Format To Increase Impact 
  • The right graphics help drive your message deep into the minds of your readers, but the wrong ones distract and confuse the audience. Format is as important as the message and data, and this workshop offers a variety of examples for learners to use in their next documents. 
Free Help After Class 
  • Al Guyant will review one document for each participant within 2 years of the workshop.
Note:  This not a grammar or letter seminar. 

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