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Here is a university-based scientist who applied to a private health-care software company.  The private company has the reputation of wanting really smart people, particularly with science backgrounds. 

Jane Smart Doe 

Cell: 555-555-5555  4417 Long Drive, Madison, WI 53704

Career Objective:  To excel and advance in an industry that seeks to improve health care.  Seeking a position and career path where I can utilize my critical thinking, problem solving, mentoring, teaching, presentation and writing skills to improve an important industry.  I seek an opportunity to collaborate with others to increase the efficiency of the health care industry and help my colleagues achieve their professional goals.


Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, University of Someplace Medical Center 2007

B.S. Molecular Biology,  University of  Someplace 2001, cum laude, GPA 3.7/4.0

B.A. Chemistry, University of Someplace 2001, magna cum laude

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Trainee    University of Someplace        March 2007 – Present

Project: Investigating how a pro-inflammatory gene regulates diverse immune responses.

  • Developed and implemented independent research projects.
  • Taught undergraduate biology courses. 
  • Mentoring high school, undergraduate and graduate students in a research laboratory.
  • Working with students to formulate hypotheses and develop research projects.
  • Helping students troubleshoot technical problems.
  • Helping students write reports and effectively communicate their findings.
  • Writing letters of recommendation for students to ensure they continue to succeed.
  • Writing technical manuscripts, grant proposals, literature reviews and research progress reports.
  • Speak at local and national scientific conferences.

Graduate Student        University of Someplace        Aug 2001 – Feb 2007

Project: Biochemical characterization of a protein involved in blood pressure regulation.

  • Developed and implemented independent research projects.
  • Taught biology courses for physician’s assistant and nursing students. 
  • Developed my technical writing skills and wrote a funded research proposal from the Department of Defense and funded travel grants for my short abstracts.
  • Developed my leadership skills by serving on a recruitment strategy committee and making recommendations about recruiting to the Dean of Biomedical Sciences.  My recommendations were accepted by the committee and implemented by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Teaching Experience

University of Someplace

  • Instructor, 2011. Taught Biochemical Methods 651, a current topics in biochemistry course. Developed course material, assisted students in preparing presentations, led discussions, gave grades. Incorporated the medical relevance of the subject into the coursework.

  • Instructor, 2009. Co-designed and co-taught Microbiology 100, a new course for non-science majors. Developed course material, incorporated active learning into the classes, lectured, led discussions, gave grades.  Engaged students in debates about health care issues.  Incorporated the medical relevance of the subject into the coursework and explained complexes biological processes at a level that non-science majors understand. 

  • Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching Fellow, 2008-2009.  Took a course about incorporating active learning into traditional lectures, assessing student learning, how to create a more inclusive classroom, how to address issues of diversity, and how to gauge the effectiveness of different teaching techniques.

 University of Someplace

  • Guest lecturer for pharmacology course for physician’s assistance students, 2004-2006.  Prepared exam questions.

Someplace Community College

 · Anatomy and Physiology I lab instructor, 2004.  Administered lab practical exams.

 · Anatomy and Physiology I and II guest lecturer, 2004-2005

University of Someplace

  • Supplemental Instructor, 1998-2000
  • Held biweekly review sessions for General Biology students who wanted extra instruction.  The average grade for students who attended my sessions was A- while the class average was C. 
  • Developed lesson plans, worksheets, practice quizzes and tests.
  • Teaching Assistant, Animal Diversity, 2001
    • Assisted students in laboratory portion of course. 
    • Developed and administered lab practical exams.

Leadership and Presentation Skills

  • Engaging speaker
    • Enjoy organizing research data into presentable stories tailored to specific audiences.
    • Effectively communicate the importance of results to individuals not in my field of study.
    • Present at numerous local and national scientific conferences.
      • Motivational and optimistic leader
      • Served as the research advisor to a Master’s student and encouraged him to pursue a higher degree and helped him find employment and apply for law school.
      • Collaborating on a research project with other scientists.  I set goals and deadlines for the group and encourage my colleagues to try experiments that will improve our collaborative research articles.
      • Encourage my colleagues to excel in their professional careers by offering advice and helping them develop strategies to advance scientific progress and their professional development.

         ·                             Recognized leader in the Someplace community

  • Served on career development forum panels about postdoctoral life.
  • Organized and facilitated an all-day career development workshop.
  • Consistently asked to mentor high school, undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Invited speaker at UW-Madison research symposium.

Computer Skills

     ·   Proficient at Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat.
  • Routinely use Microsoft Excel for the analysis of large data sets.

Recognition and Awards

  • American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Keystone Symposia scholarships for travel to conferences about cancer
  • Postdoctoral fellowship, The Hartwell Foundation (funds childhood disease research)
  • Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Association of Women in Science Scholarship
  • University of Minnesota Duluth Chemistry Departmental Honors

Community Involvement

  • American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, advocate for policies that improve public health
  • American Heart Association, advocate for policies that improve public health
  • Fisher House Foundation, help raise funds for organization that provides free or low lost housing to veterans and their families who are seeking treatment at military medical facilities


  •       Traveling, biking, running, cooking
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