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WILSON & BROWN, March 2000 – Present,

Leasing achievements:

¨ Many of my responsibilities and achievements were accomplished at the Big City Corporate Centre, Someplace, WI.  The Corporate Centre is a 400,000-square-foot, master-planned business environment. I leased the Centre to 100% occupancy.

¨ I facilitated the expansions of the current tenants. Notably, over the past 18 months Gient Corporation, the major tenant, has expanded from its original 16,000-square-feet to presently leasing more than 150,000-square-feet.

¨ I prepared all Letters of Intent forms for prospective Tenants and Lease documents, and coordinated changes to Lease documents between the owners, Tenants and attorneys.

Marketing results:

¨ Several of my methods of marketing have increased the number of property showings to the Brokerage community and prospective Tenants.

¨ I initiated and carried out a Someplace Submarket ‘prospecting’ plan. I divided the market into nine submarkets, and have visited, photographed, canvassed and produced Tenant lists for the office buildings.

¨ I personally created every flyer and marketing piece. This included continually updating the marketing pieces for the Centre. Different flyers are used for built-out space, shell space and space that has just come on line.

¨ I continually update the firm’s information on, the online marketing website brokers and tenants use to identify property. Additionally, I have sent several Emarket brochures via Propertyline. These are electronic flyers that are emailed to a database of more than 1,600 contacts.

¨ I have sent eight direct mailings totaling 13,000 pieces to brokers and prospective tenants.

Networking constantly:

¨ Recently I organized and held a Broker Party at Corporate Centre to introduce the completion of our Final Phase of construction. I prepared and mailed invitations to the entire commercial brokerage community in Someplace. Additionally, I faxed, emailed and personally called each invitee. Over 100 brokers attended the party. Brokers still make comments to me regarding the unprecedented turnout I achieved.

¨ I have earned and maintained excellent relationships with other Brokers. I consistently network by having lunch with other brokers and by attending several other broker functions regularly to build relationships.

¨ I am a member of CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and attend NAIOP (National Association of Industrial & Office Parks) and CMG (Commercial Marketing Group) meetings to network, promote my product, and gain more knowledge on the market.

Property Management gains:

¨ Oversaw the property management of the Corporate Centre.

¨ Managed the landscaping and maintenance personnel.

¨ Developed maintenance checklist for staff.

¨ Forecasted the annual CAM (Common Area Maintenance) for the property.

¨ Calculated the actual CAM charges on a quarterly basis, and proposed adjustments when necessary.

Construction MONITORED:

¨ I monitored much of the construction during the 30-month period in which the property was built. I conducted the weekly meetings with the General Contractor and the superintendents on site and handled problems accordingly as they arose.

¨ I created spreadsheets in Excel to track all the construction costs (separately shell and TI) for each building. This was used to keep costs in line, determine per square foot costs of construction and track all change orders during construction.

¨ Through this experience, I gained an extensive amount of knowledge, specifically with relation to Tenant Improvement costs for both shell space and renovating existing built-out space.

ABC Communications, Inc., January 1999 – February 2000

I completed an internship at ABC Communications, Inc. while attending the University of Someplace, Ohio. During my four-month internship, I worked in marketing, sales, engineering and accounting. Toward the end of my internship, I received three job offers to stay with the company. In April, I accepted a position within the Marketing Department and received a promotion to Product Manager in August.

Product Manager:

¨ Aided with research and development of toll free service product set (800 Numbers).

¨ Handled all management responsibilities including hiring, training, and supervising.

¨ Enabled customer base to grow from 0 to 800 in 7 months.

¨ Designed and implemented 20-page product-training manual for sales department.

¨ Worked jointly with two other product managers and a product development manager in the development, implementation and betterment of several products.

¨ Maintained established accounts by resolving customer complaints and securing continued business.

¨ Extensively researched competitors in the telecommunications industry to gain an understanding of their functionality and needs.

¨ Accepted and advanced innovative concepts to meet changing customer needs.


University of Someplace, B.S. in Business Management, December 2000, GPA: 3.6, Deans list, 5 semesters

Negotiation: Attended Karrass Effective Negotiating Seminar – June 2001

Sales:   Attended Tom Hopkins International Boot Camp Sales Mastery 2001 – August 2001
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