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inventory table

Table for building master resume inventory

List each major duty.       Summarize experiences and how you improved.

Manage consumer service office for utility commission

How many, how often:  11 staff.  Handled 10,000 complaint appeals not settled by lower staff; More than 500 presentations at meetings; handled more than 10,000 news media inquiries

Results, accomplishments: Reduced 6-month backlog to less than 20 days in four months; formed public-private partnerships that built public-private cooperation and were model for nation. Revised state rules to improve consumer protection while improving collections. 

Knowledge, experience gained:  Gained extensive knowledge of about state and federal rules and statutes on utility regulation, consumer rights; and knowledge of billing, collection, capital financing, power plant and transmission line construction, and also legislative and budget process on state and federal levels.  Gained knowledge of civil service and labor rules and laws and processes. Obtained solid understanding of major computer systems supporting consumer services.

Skills improved:  Improved skills for mediating among very upset people; facilitating meetings to be more productive; leading diverse staff of all races, age, and gender; public speaking and responding to media inquiries.

Insights:  Gained insights about the difficulty and limitations of implementing a concept such as protecting poor families from the danger of winter utility disconnection while trying to fashion rules and procedures that can protect those who need it while not allowing others to abuse the rules.

Other comments: 

Respond to news media inquiries

How many, how often:  

Results, accomplishments: 

Knowledge, experience gained:  

Skills improved:  


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This table should go on 5 to 15 pages except for first-time job seekers.

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