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fire chief

John D. Doe

555-555-5555  3210 Long Road, Someplace, WI  53214


  • Twenty-three-year track record of leadership, results and progress in fire service, including 12 years a Chief Officer.  Strong educational foundation coupled with experience in fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency government, fire department administration and emergency medical services.
  • Adept at learning new concepts and thrive in a fast-paced environment while being a concise and effective communicator.  Committed to continuing education and sharing knowledge with others.  Life-long resident of the City of Someplace and a leader in community service.

Career History & Accomplishments

Assistant Fire Chief, Administration, City of Someplace Fire Dept.  2002 - Present
Direct administrative and strategic functions for five fire stations to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, policy and procedure and facilities management. 

  • Manage three battalion chiefs and fire marshal.  Provide career development for more than 100 sworn and civilian staff.
  • Oversaw planning and construction of three fire stations in multi-year project that came in under budget and met deadlines.  Success derived from excellent input from planning team I formed with all ranks and end-users.  The process and results won national award from International Association of fire Chiefs. 
  • Created and developed succession planning system that prepared staff to grow and develop future mid-level and top-level positions such that when junior staff reach the next level they are ready to perform the high level duties.
  • Championed innovative use of special, tough laptop computers with internet access, which are projected to save more than $16,000 annually (and 2,000 work hours) while greatly improving the recording and timely transfer of patient information.  The new system will further save time by its automatic updating of local information to state databases.
  • Prepare annual operational and multi-year Capital Improvement budgets for Fire Chief’s approval, amounting to more than $12 million annually approximately $100 million over last decade.
  • Developed and implemented employee guidance and discipline, using objective methods that were factual and fair while seeking the root causes of incidents to use in increasing future performance and reducing non-compliance.  Due to thorough and fair methods, no disciplinary actions were appealed to Fire and Police Commission.
  • Developed strategic plans for department, including operations, facilities and customer service improvements; served on city’s strategic planning team.  
  •  Member of City of Someplace’s strategic planning and customer service teams.
  • Created and developed day-to-day human resources rules and regulations and manuals of procedural guidelines. 
  • Conducted more than 1,000 hiring interviews and more than 40 background investigations and made subsequent hiring recommendations
  • Investigated employee accidents and injuries to determine nature, cause and extent of injury and took initiative to establish procedures and training to prevent future injuries.  For example, after several “needle sticks” in a short period, quickly developed training that helped prevent further occurrences.
  • Won grant to bring immunizations up to date and to establish improved physical fitness program with modern equipment, resulting in lowest injury rate in department records, and below injury rate of other comparable city fire departments. This has helped department have among the lowest workman’s compensation rates.
  • While in charge of department’s safety committee, helped ensure organization maintained its extremely low injury rate.  Develop training program to meet department commerce OSHA and NFPA training requirements, and administer safety program.
  • Represent department in administrative matters; liaison between other city departments, as well as community groups, governmental organizations and other agencies. 
  • Oversee statutory cause and origin of fires, primary contact for elected officials
  • Responsible for evaluating the administrative function capabilities of Deputy Chief’s and provide additional training required.
  • Respond to major emergency alarms, directing responding personnel in extinguishing the fire or resolving the emergency.  Perform the duties of the Fire Chief, as assigned, in his absence.

Deputy Chief, City of Someplace Fire Dept. 1999 - 2002

          ·           Planned, organized and directed department activities and program.

          ·           Implemented comprehensive fire prevention program to protect the lives and property of the community.

          ·           Administered public education programs, including Safety House, Fire Prevention Week, school program, Juvenile Fire Education Program, and Day Care Program.

          ·           Supervised personnel involved in inspection and prevention activities, encompassing the direction of management staff members.

          ·           Liaison for local, state and federal agencies.

          ·           Developed and maintained revenue related to Fire Prevention Programs.

          ·           Assisted with the planning, organization, and direction of the overall operations of the Fire Department including budget preparation, researched and recommended material for development and revision of orders, rules, and regulations.

Lieutenant Fire Inspector, City of Someplace Fire Dept. 1994 - 1999

  • Manage the administration of the Fire Prevention Bureau of the City of Someplace.
  • Administer all public education programs, supervise fire prevention inspections and interpret and develop fire prevention codes.
  • Supervise and administer the storage tank inspection program, direct code enforcement activities and fire investigation activities.

Fire Fighter, City of Someplace Fire Dept. 1988 – 1994,

  • Performed fire suppression and emergency medical technician duties,
  • Served as member of Special Service Team; Certified Scott SUBA technician and Ice rescue trainer.

Fire Fighter and Fire Inspector, Elsewhere Fire Dept. 1988 – 1993, Paid on-call position as Firefighter and Fire Inspector.

  • Performed fire prevention safety inspection in commercial occupancies, conducted safety inspection of fuel tank system.  Performed fire suppression and emergency medical technician duties.

Instructor I, Someplace County Technical College 1996 – 2004, resumed 2011.

  • Part- time instructor on practical skills State of Wisconsin. Firefighter I certification program and other fire certification classes.


·         Masters Degree in Management Science, Someplace University, Mil., WI

·         B.S. Degree in Fire Science Management, Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale, IL

·         Associate Degree in Applied Science in Fire Service, Someplace Area Technical College, Mil, WI

Licenses and Certifications

  • Emergency Medical Technician 
  • Tanks System Inspector
  • Fire And Emergency Service Instructor
  • Fire Officer I
  • Hazardous Materials Technician

           ·           Structural Collapse Technician

  • Commercial Building Inspector
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
  • Fire Inspector II
  • Firefighter III
  • Rope Rescue Technician III

           ·           Confined Space Entry  & Rescue Technician

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