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cover letter example

Put impact into your cover letter by summarizing your abilities and qualifications in the first paragraph. Then give some easy-to-read evidence in a two-column format like below, and then close with confidence by saying you look forward to meeting them

August 24, 2004
c/o Madison Newspapers, Inc.,
PO BOX 8056
Madison WI 53708

Dear Human Resources Director,

In regard to your need for a savvy media relations expert, I co-authored two books on the topics: Beat The Press and The Manager's Tough Questions Answer Book). The books feature my experience and knowledge of theory, technique and model responses for handling hostile questions. I further offer professional newspaper experience along with many years on the other side when I was a government public information director. Moreover, I teach media relations as a private consultant in the firm Capital Communicators Group.

Your requirements

Experienced media pro

                My qualifications

10 years newspaper reporter, editor; 15 years government information officer, consumer manager; more than 10,000 news interviews and contacts on rates, power plants, cold weather deaths, and other major controversies; worked media for numerous local and state political campaigns.

Write copy quickly

Wrote news releases and press statements on nuclear on technical issues power, complex rate and finance issues, low-income funding problems, and others; fast turnaround in consulting services and training

Proven ability to implement PR/media campaigns

Conducted PR and public education programs statewide for utility commission and other agencies

My references will confirm that I am an effective and productive media professional. I work very hard to achieve excellence and results. I love fast-paced hard work with an exciting team. I look forward to meeting with you.


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