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Train Trainers

Train the Trainers

Making Technical Experts Into Great Trainers


"Tell me, I forget.


Show me, I remember.


Involve me, I understand..."    Attributed to Henry Ford

This course trains people with a lot of job information but little training experience to become great trainers. The course can transform a technically informed person into a relaxed, confident trainer from whom other people will want to learn.

The class emphasizes each person's individual strengths and shows how to enhance those individual capabilities so that they grow to become highly effective personal styles.

The class exercises assist the learners in creating a training plan with clear and certain goals along with methods that will produce the desired training results.

Each person will be offered a chance to practice during the class (on camera so self evaluation is possible).

By the end of the course, you will have a plan with:
  • A course development outline.
  • Brief analysis of the intended trainees.
  • List job functions.
  • Relevant educational background.
  • Any prerequisite skills and knowledge needed such as prior to training.
  • Specific descriptions of what they should be able to do as a direct result of your training.

For example, after this course, you should be able to use your existing abilities along with new knowledge to conduct training so that your students will actually be able to do what you are teaching them.

You will be able to:
  • Determine the specific instructional goal for your training.
  • Describe step-by-step the tasks the learner will be able to do if you succeed as the instructional goal.
  • Produce a Learning Environment Analysis.  Under what conditions and constraints will this training class be conducted?  (Room set, audio visuals, and other equipment.)
  • Select high-tech and high-risk A/V equipment or low-tech and low-risk methods.
  • Make a plan for peer review.
For a more comprehensive and advanced class, the course can be scheduled for two full days.

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