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Tax auditor

This person chose to inventory his duties separately from his accomplishments.  Generally it is more effective to list the accomplishments immediately after describing the duty.  However, each person needs to decide for him or herself what is best.  This master resume inventory is very thorough and will be a great tool for tailoring the resume to a specific job and for preparing for the interview.

John S. Doe
555 Long Drive, Someplace, MN 55555

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Seasoned professional with strong work ethic and leadership skills combined with comprehensive knowledge of state and federal tax laws and regulations along with through understanding of accounting principles and applications in the private and public sectors, and a proven record of solid accomplishments.


Tax Administration                                  Account Reconciliations                         Accounts Receivable

Fixed Asset Depreciation                          Credit Management                                Inventory Control

General Ledger                                       Financial Analysis                                   Cost Accounting

Accounts Payable                                    Operations Management                         Personnel Development        

Policy/Procedure Development                 Business Development                           Client Relations


Revenue Auditor, Some State, Someplace, MN, 2007 – Present

Primary Areas of Responsibility

  • Examine individual and fiduciary income tax returns, partnership returns, LLC returns, corporate returns, sales/use tax returns, and other documentation required to properly conduct audit.
  • Acquire financial and other information required to verify and adjust items on tax returns.  Requires good communications skills, and knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and generally accepted auditing standards.
  • Prepare assessments and refunds.
  • Adjudicate appeals and other reviews after the final action.  Expanded ability to render good judgment because of additional knowledge of statutes and regulations, and ability to apply to complex cases.
  • Provide taxpayer assistance by explaining applicable statutes and regulations, in order to educate taxpayers and promote voluntary compliance.  Further developed good communications skills and diplomatic ability.
  • Perform research of statutes, regulations and case law to insure audits are performed consistent with applicable law.
  • Perform technical writing to explain statutes and regulations to both taxpayers and practitioners.
  • Recommend changes and improvements for efficient operations.
  • Since early 2009, assisting the Customer Service Bureau with answering taxpayer e-mails, both from businesses and individuals, averaging 3 hours per day.
  • Served as a floor captain since 2007.

Major Accomplishments

  • Completed an average of 20 audits per month, achieving and accuracy rating of 97%, exceeding standard of 90%.
  • Quickly recognized incorrect, unusual and irregular items appearing on tax returns.  Communicated with taxpayer or practitioner to obtain additional information, thereby preventing erroneous refunds or assessments.
  • Ascertained correct tax liability through analysis of records and taxpayer inquiry.
  • Made proper and consistent tax determinations based on state law and administrative rules.
  • Conducted audits efficiently and within statutory time limitations.
  • Used legal and technical knowledge to quickly and efficiently resolved taxpayer issues with little assistance.
  • Assisted Customer Service Bureau in reducing backlog of e-mail inquiries from over 700 down to fewer than 150.
  • Assisted Return Adjustment Unit during 2008 and 2009 filing season to correct nonresident income tax returns.  Acquired extensive knowledge of tax laws of both SomeState and other states, as well as provisions of tax treaties applying to foreign nationals working in SomeState.
  • Served on project team to develop on-line filing of buyer claims for refund of sales tax, bringing the process in line with the Department of Revenue’s goal of electronic filing of all returns.

Revenue Agent   2004 - 2007

Primary Areas of Responsibility

  • Determine tax liabilities based on returns filed, issue assessment or refunds.
  • Prepare correspondence to taxpayers or their representatives explaining adjustments to and/or the present status of their tax accounts.
  • Adjust assessments based on taxpayer-provided information.  Demonstrated the ability to act independently and with minimal supervision.
  • Answer questions pertaining to SomeState’s tax laws from taxpayers and tax practitioners ranging from tax preparers to attorneys.  Gained extensive knowledge of statutes and regulations.
  • Locate and contact delinquent taxpayers for remittance of delinquent tax due. Developed excellent investigative ability and analytical skills.
  • Hold hearings with taxpayers regarding the collection of delinquent tax liabilities.  Improved good communications and analytical skills.
  • Monitor installment agreements for payment of delinquent tax to insure taxpayer compliance.
  • Initiate and manage collections action to collect delinquent taxes by means of wage/salary levies
  • Reviewing and adjusting tax returns for full-year, part-year, and non-residents
  • Resolving questions and/or objections to income tax assessments

Major Accomplishments

  • Averaged 4.80% of installment agreements more than 60 days out of payment terms, well within required standard of 7.00%.
  • During annual review period, recommended 462 accounts for reassignment to field or dormant status, well within standard for size of account portfolio.
  • Averaged 0.10% of installment agreements more than 30 days out of payment terms, well within required standard of 7.00%.
  • Maintained accurate and complete documentation of all taxpayer contacts.
  • Conducted an average of 8 administrative hearings per week, resulting in sound and lasting payment arrangements and settlements with taxpayers.
  • During annual review period, handled 9,015 telephone calls, maintaining an average unavailable percentage of 17.80%, well within the required standard of 42.00%.
  • During annual review period, answered a combined total of 2667 pieces of written correspondence and e-mails from taxpayers and/or their representatives.
  • Kept current on complex and frequently changing federal and state tax laws, administrative rules, and departmental directives.
  • Assisted Customer Service Bureau in telephone call center, answering taxpayer inquiries.
General Accountant, Big Company, Someplace, MN -  2000 to 2002
Primary Areas of Responsibility         
  • Accounts Receivable Management, Customer Invoicing
  • Cash Application, Tooling Cost Tracking & Reporting
  • Food Service Packaging Commission Administration
  • Inventory Reporting, Journal/Ledger Posting
  • Account Reconciliation, Assisting in Budget Planning Process
  • Assisting in Financial Statement Preparation 

Major Accomplishments

  • Reduced average accounts receivable aging to approximately 15 days below the industry average.
  • Conducted first revision of company accounts receivable policies and procedures in over 10 years.
  • Developed and implemented company’s first credit qualification standards for new accounts.
  • Developed procedures for credit risk monitoring and analysis of customer portfolio.
  • Developed sales/commission tracking program for new food service packaging line.


Field Artillery Officer, United States Army, Fort Sill, OK

  • Platoon Leader, Battery Executive Officer, Assistant Operations Officer, Battalion Logistics Officer
  • Learned and applied leadership principles, Gained technical knowledge of weapons systems and equipment.  Supervised maintenance of weapons and equipment to insure a high level of combat readieness.

                                                         ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS        

Lakeland College, Bachelor of Arts – Accounting

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Bachelor of Business Administration

References Furnished Upon Request

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