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Resume workshop

Workshop To Make Your Resume Better Than Others

This in-depth  workshop helps job seekers to bring out their best so that their resumes vastly increase the chance they will get an interview. The resume determines who gets the precious interview, and the interview  determines who wins or loses the job offer.

All of the topics listed below will be covered so that each participant will have a draft "master resume inventory" by the end of the workshop.  I am also happy to set a workshop to train you on how to lead others in building their very competitive resumes.
  • Examples of other successful resumes built from master resume inventories
  • Table method for building master resume inventory

  • Should resumes be longer than one page? 
  • How fancy should the format be?

  • Choice between “Offering” or “Career Objective” statement
  • Emphasize your work ethic 

  • Use nouns and verbs of job announcement
  • What if you don’t have everything in job announcement?

  • Bring out the hidden “transferables” 
  • What if you’ve been out of paid workforce for years?

  • Resume of mom returning to paid work
  • What do all employers want in an applicant?

  • Yes, include references!
  • What if my reference is from the last century?

  • Fatal flaws in a resume 
  • Clever cover letter strategy

  • Cover letter example
  • Work This Hard To Get a Job  -- Choose To Be Un-stoppable

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