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Reduce Negativity

   Reducing Conflict and Negativity in the Workplace 
       Practical knowledge for practical solutions 

How can we resolve or even reduce conflict and negativity if we don't really know what they are? Attend this seminar to experience an exercise that helps you convert vague notions into sound, useful understandings that will become the basis of practical solutions. 

You can overcome your fear of confrontation, which inhibit your ability to re-direct everyone involved toward reduced tensions, healing old wounds, and more positive working relationships.

However, you won't overcome your fears just by saying so. Learn and implement the methods in this fast-paced seminar to overcome those fears once and for all. 

We will conduct exercises to identify real, primary causes of conflict, negativity 

To make our solution-actions effective, they must target the primary causes of conflict and negativity. Otherwise, we may treat the 'symptoms' and thereby waste time, and possibly make matters worse. 

Because many primary causes are hidden from plain view, this seminar conducts a test-case exercise to demonstrate how you can uncover the major causes. 

We will also explore methods to convert confrontations into productive solutions.

At the moment of confrontation, you have a short time to re-direct the situation toward productive solutions and away from a clash.  In order to exert that influence at the critical time, you must know how to take control smoothly and lead people away from futile quarrels and toward positive results. 
Separate reality from misleading perceptions (theirs and yours) 

The further we get from reality, the farther apart we get from each other, which worsens conflict and negativity.

This seminar will emphasize a variety of methods you can employ to bring back the other person (and yourself) closer to reality, on which you can then build actions and processes to improve work relations. 
How you can be a positive catalyst at any level 

You don't have to be the boss to have a powerful influence on reducing confrontations and negativity. In fact, it's in everyone's interest and within everyone's potential ability to do so.

Whether you're a line-level staff person, a supervisor, or an administrator, you can learn these insights and techniques to be a positive catalyst in reducing conflict and improving cooperation. 
What you should do before a clash 

We lose huge amounts of time and resources in conflicts and negativity, not to mention the toll the stress takes on our health. So it's clearly worth it to spend some time and actions preparing yourself for expected clashes.

This seminar's simple methods of preparation can help you and your co-workers profit in many ways
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