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News media

 News Media Relations  --  Good News or Bad?

This class will demonstrate how to present your organization's views clearly, professionally and persuasively via the news media. 

The expert instructor, a former news reporter, will reveal how the news media works and how you can be like other newsmakers who know how to work through (not against) the media for the benefit of yourself and your organization

Learn how to prepare for an interview and how to handle the interview itself. 

Find out how to master tough, trick and hostile questions, and then convert your new knowledge into effective skills. 

Additionally, this class features a segment on how to create publicity to get your message out when the reporters seem busy covering other things. 

The workshop is designed for people at three levels: 

  • People who expect to deal with the news media.
  • Employees who provide information to people who will deal directly with the news media. 

  • Staff who neither make the news or create news information but want and need to understand the media more and how their organization is presented to the subpublics via the high-speed media.

On-camera interviews during the class will strengthen the skills for those who desire that experience (optional and always voluntary). 

Key elements of the instructor's book Beat The Press will be used to strengthen learners' knowledge and news skills.  Additionally, learners will practice their own good responses to hostile questions, similar to those found in our growing archive of great responses.

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