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Mom without degree

This mom returned to the paid workforce and then lost her job.  She shows in this resume that she works hard, has great attention to detail, and can learn any job. That is what a lot of employers want.

Jane Doe Mom
Cell 555-555-5555,  home 555-555-5555  JaneDoeMom@internet  555 Long Drive, Someplace, WI

OFFERING  Proven track record of excellent work ethic and ability to learn any job quickly while maintaining excellent attendance rate, attention to detail and very little error or re-work.


Acme To  Business, August 10,  1978 to March 12, 2010,

Senior  Machine Operator (most recent paid job) Started as a grade 3 machine  operator and promoted to Grade-5 Senior Operator within one year, which is the highest  labor grade for an operator based on skills and seniority. Job Duties:

  • Set up and operate a silk screening machine while complying with all instructions and details in customers’ specifications listed in Manufacturing Instruction Form.
  • Worked with many different caustic chemicals and inks. Perform safety inspections on the machines that contained open flames and hazardous materials.  Gained skill in how to properly handle dangerous materials and consequently never had accident or injury on job.
  • Clean equipment and machinery and clear machine jams.
  • Ensure quality and conformity of product. Had a very low rate of error in scrap from production. Inspect and remove defective parts.
  • Monitor machines at all times, maintain consistent production quality, and maintain production and work records. 

Packaging and Shipping
  • Stock and organize product. Frequently exceeded production requirements of what was expected per hour.
  • Packaged product according to requirements from the customer, which always varied.
  • Trained many new and current employees on several different jobs throughout the years.
  • Received many perfect attendance awards (gift cards).
  • Consistently earned great yearly reviews with supervisor for excellent job performance and attendance. Manager frequently complimented me on job performance.
  • Prepared Foreign Shipping and Domestic Shipping, packaged pens according to the customers’ requirements, including correct styles of boxes, which varied considerably.


  • Operated a laser engraving machine. Worked on very expensive pens. Had to correctly read and apply requirements of Manufacturing Instruction Form.  Maintained very low error rate.


  • Inspect final product from the machine operators to ensure for correct pen style, pen color, ink color on the pen, spelling, and be sure they are boxed in  the correct size box. Some customers require specific packaging. Enter each inspection into computerized data base.

Hand Assembly and Assembly Line

  • Used many different hand assembly machines that were not on an assembly line.  Also worked on an assembly line performing various different assembly operations.

New Mills (Supplier of knitted fabric).  1985-1986

  • Reviewed production orders for knitting machine operators and obtained correct stock materials and place them in correct locations for next shift’s production.

Shopko 1984-1985, cashier.

Copp’s Department Store 1983-1984, Cashier and Customer Service Desk

Someplace Manufacturing, 1974-1978, Receptionist in the Human Resource Department, Assisted the Human Resource Managers with various HR duties; Prepared time reports for time cards daily; Administered basic skills testing to prospective employees.


Blackhawk Technical College; Beloit, WI, 1973-1974, Secretarial Science
Sompelace Job Center, Success Skills Training I.II and III
Someplace High School; Someplace, WI

Volunteer Work

Volunteered in my children’s classrooms assisting the teacher with various activities. Reading, art projects,getting ready for recess or anything else that needed assistance. Chaperoned on many field trips. Assisted the girl scout and boy scout leaders.

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