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Making Meetings Work -- Getting Results Quickly
This course focuses on the best methods to make your meeting more productive while using half the time to get results. The techniques are applicable to meetings of any size and for any committee, team or group.

The class will demonstrate how any person at a meeting can cause the meeting to be more productive, even if the concerned person is not the meeting's chair or leader.

      • Learn how to easily prepare everyone before the meeting to lay the foundation for success at the meeting.

      • Discover the power of setting time allotments per topic.

      • Begin a new meeting culture with updated ground rules that the group enforces for you. 

      • Get long-talkers to stop while persuading quiet folks to open up and share their valuable thoughts and suggestions.

      • Find out how to set firm deadlines and establish simple follow-up systems.

      • Learn how to make meetings interesting so that the participants want to pay attention instead of falling asleep with their eyes open.

      • Begin using time-tested wrap-up summaries to confirm and clarify agreements and thereby reduce post-meeting confusion and incorrect actions.

      • Take advantage of free coaching from the instructor for a year after the workshop.

The instructor, a nationally known group leader and facilitator, will share the insights of 35 years of successful experience in leading highly praised meetings. 

The course is designed for anyone who is tired of unproductive meetings that waste everyone's time.

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