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Mechanical engineer

This applicant has a lot to say, and he says it well.   It is aimed as an employer who understands the terms this successful engineer uses.

John B. Doe

555 Long Drive, Someplace, WI   555.555.5555   


Offering:  Successful business executive, with superior technical abilities, to develop and direct complex business plans and manage product development as proven by 30 years of consistent engineering advances and profitable results.  Excellent communication skills to keep higher level executives well advised while ensuring effective leadership with diverse team members and customers.  Outstanding analytical skills combined with seasoned ability to detect market changes and develop new designs to maintain competitive advantage. 


Product Development Manager, Big Company, North America, Someplace, AK, 2000—Present

Successfully lead and manage product development activities to achieve multiple strategic and business objectives of Big Company North America. 

  • Direct and administer Big Company’s product development activities to attain objectives based on strategic and business objectives (e.g., marketing plan, Group requirements, etc.).  Strengthened executive skills for long-range planning in complex, highly competitive market. 
  • Manage new product authorization and release while serving in significant role of DCO (Design Center of Origin) with world-wide design responsibility for product lines 
  • MTP (Mill Transport Pump). Designed and installed 550, 650 and 750 MTP pumps that resulted in unprecedented revenue growth -- 2011 world-wide sales alone grew to $26 M compared to total sales of $75 M for the period of 2006 – 2010. 
  • HBB (Hydro Bearing Bells). Designed 500 & 600 HTP and a higher pressure version 500 HTPP produced 2011 domestic total sales of $18 M.  
  • YT Sand and Gravel Pump, Designed six pump sizes up to 14x12 produced 2011 domestic total sales of $2.5 M. 
  • KTF (Flue Gas pump line). Currently taking over global design responsibility of the 600, 700, 800 and 1000 KTF pumps produced 2011 domestic total sales of $4 M. 
  • Provide DCO (Design Center of Origin) technical support domestically and internationally for specific product lines designed in Someplace, AK, e.g., MCR, MCU, MCM, HTP, XU, MD product lines. 
  • Serve on team that develops engineering department expense budget, R&D materials expense budget, and capital budget.  Support VP of engineering with operating plan, quarterly updates, five-year strategic plan with annual updates.  
  • Superior skills and abilities are recognized by significant appointments to Big Company MTP pump, CPT (Centrifugal Pump team with its 22 international members), Hard Coatings Team and special selection to Engineering Directors meetings in Someplace and Somewhere. 
  • Gained significant perspective and understanding of international market place by participating with 60 members from all three Big Company divisions to help develop relationships across the group and share knowledge.  Gained further experience as liaison with PTC (Pump Technology Center) Someplace for pump designs and product development. 
  • Noted for ability to build and maintain effective relationships with key internal and external decision makers (key customers and reps, learning institutions, key sub-suppliers, professional organizations) to ensure their ongoing support for business objectives. 
  • Accrued extensive experience and knowledge about complexity and major challenges in developing production with high quality levels when setting up operations in distant lands during multiple travels to China.  Reviewed operations of new vendors and set up inspection and quality procedures. 
  • Manage, coach and develop two hydraulic engineers (Masters and another PhD.), two mechanical engineers, four senior designers and three indirect employees.  Directly supervise the Product Development Group and the Manager of R&D - Applied Hydraulics.  Gained additional executive-level experience and team leadership. 
  • Highly skilled in regularly and systematically analyzing and appraising the effectiveness of the department to ensure that established objectives are met, that Big Company policies are being observed, and that prompt corrective action is taken when necessary.  Set up and maintain product development budget, five-year plans, capital programs, performance goals, PDP (Personal Development Plans) for high potential employees. 
  • Implement and maintain procedures and systems to ensure world-wide protection of intellectual property to deter replicators.  Act as primary liaison for matters involving patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. 

Product Development Manager, Middle Tech Company, Someplace, MO, 1993—2000

  • Designed the entire ASH mill circuit pump line.
    • MTP pump designed the 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, and 450 MTP pumps managed one hydraulics engineer PhD, one engineer and three designers.
    • High pressure 26x24 SRH pump for tailings application at Bradysun, redesigned existing pump casings from 80 psi to 232 psi rating. 
  • Worked with several mechanical seal vendors to standardize on rubber liner tapered stuffing box adapter for the complete SRH pump line 2.5x2 to 30x28  with 12 sizes. 
  • Designed and delivered six 10x8 HPT pumps for high pressure booster tailing operation at Bradsun rated at 900 psi for a competitive pump test against Tillman and AIG in 9 months. 

Project Engineer, BIG International Someplace, MI, 1987--1993

  • Designed the GIG 8500 series vertical pump line 3", 4", 6" and 8" heavy duty high chrome wet end with agitator option for mill floor severe duty applications. 
  • Designed the Shorewood drilling mud pump product lines to compete with Jody Kay Mag pump line launched in 1990:  1180 Series with 3 pump sizes up to 3x2:  1780 Series with 7 pump sizes up to 8x6, and 2500 Series with 7 pump sizes up to 8x6. 
  • Managed one engineer and four designers. 

Urethane Product Manager, Sand Engineering, Someplace, NY, 1984--1987

  • Design and manufacture of urethane components for the Jones Horizontal Vertical and ASH pump product lines. Specify new equipment, materials and alternate curatives to MOCA in order to compete effectively.  Design new molds or modify existing rubber molds to cast urethane. Managed four production staff in urethane casting production 

Engineering Assistant, Jones International, Someplace, FL,1980--1984

  • Detailed contract drawings and production scheduling. Designed urethane molding and manufacturing facility. Urethane mixing equipment specification for casting pump parts and slurry equipment components.  Managed one engineer and two production staff. 


  • Diploma of Mechanical Engineering, Someplace Institute of Technology, Someplace, WI 1978-1980.
  • Computer Science, 3rd year, University of Someplace, 1977-1978.
  • Diploma of Computer Science, Big College, Someplace, 1975-1976. 

As High Potential employee, Big Company made these additional investments in me: 

  • Leadership Skills Workshop Series, Rufflo Consulting, October 2002, PDP Course
  • Minerals Management Development Workshop,March 2006, R.D. Spencer Associates, PDP Course
  • Innovation in alloys and minerals pump product environment, Silver Bullet Training, August 2006, Sydney, Australia, taught by Dennis Sherwood
  • Managing Today’s Tech Professionals, Nov. 2006, American Management Association
  • Fundamentals of Finance, June 2007, American Management Association
  • Effective Presentation Skills, Sept. 2007, American Management Association
  • Creativity & Innovation, Aug. 2008, American Management Association
  • Situational Leadership II, May 2009, American Management Association
  • Operational Manager to Strategic Thinker, Aug. 2009, American Management Association
  • Leadership Beyond Management, May 2011, University of Wisconsin, School of Business


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