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                               Writing Letters
          That Please The Boss and Inform Readers

This workshop is designed to take the agony of writing letters for anyone who has a lot to say but has difficulty transforming his or her knowledge into a coherent document.

This class presents easy-to-follow techniques for: 

  • Building a letter through the process of determining the true purpose of the document.

  • Locating and organizing information.

  • Creating fluid outlines.

  • Drafting and revising until the work is concise and complete.

  • Making sure the product is desirable (not just readable) for the target audiences.

There are no prerequisites for this class. Anyone who wants to unclog a bottleneck or straighten out confusion that sometimes sneaks into his or her writing will benefit from this class. 

Participants do not need strong skills in grammar and spelling for this class, because the instruction focuses on larger issues of purpose, direction, organization, and content. 

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to: 
  • Precisely identify the audiences.

  • State the specific action and information goals set for the audience.

  • Develop a comprehensive information and issues list.
  • Organize a detailed and fluid outline that will be the structure of the document. (new method developed for this seminar).

  • Translate thoughts from the 'spoken' language to the 'written' language.

  • Draft a sound document with smooth flow.

  • Eliminate excessive detail.

  • Provide clearly stated recommendations or proposals along with requests for actions and. 
The seminar is interactive and draws on the participants' real-life experiences, which would be used for skill-building (not just telling of war stories). The instructor uses a combination of lecture, handouts, demonstration, exercises and discussion to make it interesting and fast-paced. 

To make the seminar most effective, we urge participants to send us examples of letters which their managers and customers like (the best test in the end). 

Every participant will need one topic to develop into a practice outline and opening page. 

For organizations that wish to bring this seminar to their sites, it can be doubly effective when each participant can use a laptop or other computer and printer for the exercises

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