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Lead Worker

Here is a lead worker who gets results and wants to show he is ready for a manager's position.  He wanted to use his hard work and results as the major factors to persuade the employer to hire him.  It worked.  Notice how he uses his unpaid volunteer work as a church administrator to further demonstrate his leadership and problem-solving abilities.  Also notice how he portrays his results and recognition by mangers.

John Doe
555 Long Drive, Someplace, MI 55555

OFFERING:  Seasoned professional skilled in understanding complex logistical systems and computer interfacing along with ability to uncover and quickly resolve problems to ensure products and services are delivered with high quality and on time.  Team leadership experience in large companies and small organizations.  Super strong work ethic with very positive attitude combined with ability to quickly switch from one task to the next priority

Big Company, Someplace, MI 1993 – presesent

      Book fulfillment Processor, 2005 – present

  • Processed high-speed, complex orders for more than 10 million books/titles in more than 5,000 bulk orders for large and small customers while maintaining exceptionally high accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Organized typical orders of 2,000 or more books from with more than 125 titles, ensuring that correct book is included with ordered products.  Books often provide age-appropriate information and stories to girls regarding money and saving, managing emotions or issues regarding boys, and so forth.
  • Independently process such large orders without close supervision, working from computer-generated order and label system, and electronic interface with or other large entities.
  • Duties include obtaining correct product from complex warehouse system and putting into internal delivery system and compiling correctly in shipping system of boxes and pallets, all with customer-specific transportation requirements for weight, height and presentations, which is specified in more than 40 customer routing guides.  This includes obtaining correct shipping documents from software system (scan labels, weight listing, bill of lading, etc.)
  • Schedule shipments with appropriate transport company, and independently determine which method would be most cost-efficient, depending on if full or partial truck loads, distance.
  • Resolved conflicts on shipping when inventory or multiple department claims overlapped actual supplies, requiring back-ordering or seeking out items in other locations in order to meet customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Rapidly change work projects and redirect efforts to meet shifting deadlines for such things as instant orders for conventions or transportation surprises.  My extensive knowledge of facilities and systems along with that of transport companies enabled me to swiftly find ways to move needed products to staging and transport systems and thereby fulfill unexpected demand.
  • Independently solicit bids from transportation companies to elicit lowest costs and fastest delivery approach while still meeting customers’ deadlines; at times exceeding standard costs levels in order to meet deadlines
  • Applied my high attention to detail and thoroughness to ensure high-quality special shipping methods for “display” pallets for such large entities as Costco, Sam’s Club and so forth.
  • Assisted in problem-solving for software systems and shipping problems that occurred when operation was moved to new building.  As a user, helped establish new re-configuration of software, and developed methods of ensure timely delivery of product despite glitches that occurred in the new building.
  • Mastered 800-page, complex National Motor Freight Class Codes and thereby ensured correct decisions were made for shipping, which varies depending on density, destination, content, material types and other code specifications.
  • Crossed trained on difficult new order and billing systems from large operations such as Amazon, involving detailed spreadsheets, reconciliation processes.
  • Trained more than 30 co-workers on shipping methods and systems, using job shadowing, one-to-one instruction and group sessions.  Gained skills in how to succeed in training by adjusting to different learning styles and varying personality types.
  • Was recognized for team leadership and accomplishments by various commendations and nominations by co-workers, supervisor, manager and department directors.  For example, was given special award recognition when I took initiative to process huge order of 350 pallets in just two weeks without any errors or mistakes. 
  • Maintained high accuracy and low error rate even when confronted with demand for same-day compiling and shipping with sometimes less than 2 hours notice before deadline.

Production lead, Production Department 1998 – 2005

  • As lead person for assembly line, managed 40 employees on three assembly lines preparing products for seasonal sales.
  • Ensured each employee had correct items and amounts to so that production was continuous.
  • Solved assembly line problems.
  • Check for errors in instructions and revises processes to be more efficient.
  • Gained knowledge of how to work with and lead many workers with different skills and personalities.

Big Store, Someplace, MI 55555

Lead Worker for Front End Department, In charge of all cashiers, maintenance, training for special sales promotions, customer service problems, stockers and other duties to ensure effective service.

  • Began as maintenance worker but was quickly promoted through positions to Lead Worker for Front End Department.Gained significant experience in how to communicate with co-workers and reports, and how to lead staff to common service goals

Church administrator, Someplace Church, Someplace, MI -- unpaid, 2009 - 2011

  • Lead and oversee entire organization including volunteer staff, nine leaders for activities such as outreach, music, hospitality, etc.
  • In charge of facilities and maintenance.  Seek bids, hire and schedule contractors, or perform direct work myself.  Inventory and ensure adequate supplies for facility.
  • Assessed 20 vendors’ products and services for computerized online giving.  Conducted cost-benefit analysis to cull out five bids.  Simplified complex descriptions to make easy-to-understand explanations that I presented to governing body.
  • Modernized church-congregation communications by maintaining website, automated message delivery procedures, and continue to maintain and improve new system, including editing website using Micromedia 3 after I taught myself how to use it.
  • Initiated improved church budget system. Gained further organizational understanding and leadership skills through weekly meetings with church pastor to review past events, examine current activities, and plan for future steps, including membership, finances, and all other functions.
  • Negotiate lease agreements and create contracts for organizations or individuals seeking to rent the facility for various functions or purposes


  • Masters in Non-Profit Organization and Management, Someplace University, 2013.
  • BS in Integrated Supply Chain Organization and Management, Univ. of Someplace, 2008
  • Associates in Business Management, Someplace Technical College, 2006
  • Certificate in Human Resources, Someplace Technical College, 2006

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