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Notice how this resume brings out numbers, steady growth of knowledge and skills, and results of hard work.  Also see how the resume show he got results on time and within budget.  Employers love that.

John S. Doe

 555 Long Drive, Someplace, WI 53555,  555.555.5555


Information Technology Professional with proven success developing and implementing IT solutions. Solid and practical experience with mainframe, Documerge, and Dialogue software. Over 20 years of successful collaboration with clients and peers from project initiation to implementation on time and within budget. 

  • Exhibited strong work performance in the Specialized Software Development Team 
  • Master level knowledge of Dialogue and Documerge software
  • Experience in analysis, technical and leadership areas
  • Highly effective in small and large project teams
  • Extensive experience in COBOL, DB2, CICS, and Natural
  •  Skilled in written communications.


Big Insurance Company, Someplace, WI, 1985 – 2012

Applications Technology Senior Engineer, Designed, developed and implemented complex print related solutions for multiple lines of insurance.

  • Produced more than 20 mass mailings for more than a million policy owners by using Dialogue and Documerge software. Overcame volume-related issues to ensure accurate mass mailings were completed error-free in extremely short time frame. For example, one mass mailing file for Ohio policy owners was so large that the master input file was too large for IT space, so the it had to be split up into three small files, which were processed separately but completely and successfully. Gained knowledge and techniques to improve “re-usability” of programming components and thereby produced more efficient large-volume mass mailings.   
  • Tested over 40 applications when converting to Dialogue version 8.0.304 by using FIS Document Output software to compare the old and new outputs. Found vital Dialogue pages that required corrections so new software produced same output as former software.
  • Saved more than $500,000 over five years in reduced postage and mailing expenses by adding new Auto and Property EDI Trading Partners. This was accomplished by sending new mainframe files to the Middleware group.
  • Improved developer efficiency by developing a new web site to support the Applications Development area. The new website proved to be successful by evidence of more than 200 mainframe and Java developers frequently using the site as a one-stop site for links and information that previously had been scattered and hard to find. Gained skill in communication and collaboration with technical team members to cooperatively build product that was immediately accepted and used by clients.    
  • Reduced maintenance time from five hours to one hour per week by designing a solution to automate maintenance of vehicle EDI change requests after meeting with clients to determine project requirements. The changes also improved data quality.
  • Improved client efficiency by implementing a process to electronically store property-cancelation letters. After implementation clients were able to view letters online that were produced the previous night. I used Documerge and XENOS software to produce the mainframe file that was used to create the PDFs.
  • Solved on-call “abends” on batch jobs producing company letters and policy declarations which required technical and business knowledge. Dropping a record with bad data is a common problem I solved. During the night the “abending” job was restarted and then completed successfully. The next business day I communicated and assisted the client area in correcting the invalid data. Removing the cents sign from the policy system is an example of invalid data.
  • One of few employees who successfully partnered and implemented projects with clients in Life, Commercial and Personal lines. Personal Lines used Natural programs. Life and Commercial Lines used COBOL and DB2. This was the company’s most important project.
  • Was a charter member of the Document Creation Application Support Team. We had the responsibility for completing production problem fixes and urgent mandated projects. are Examples include completing production problems reported by clients, solving production abends and completing mailings required by state insurance commission. The team also implemented a process improvement of having the primary contact role being assigned for an indefinite period rather than one week. The team collaborated to ensure all deadlines were met and improved documentation so future projects could be implemented faster.       

Applications Programmer/Analyst, Designed and coded system enhancements for billing and Life insurance systems. 

  • Completed projects in a COBOL legacy billing system. I communicated with agents and home office staff to have return of premium checks sent directly to the policy owners instead of agents. This freed up agents use their time to expand their business.   
  • Wrote disbursement programs in Natural for a new billing system. Was considered an expert in the disbursement process that produced return of premium and cancellation checks.   
  • Completed payment function changes using object oriented language AION.  
  • Directed and designed the implementation of the purge and retrieval functions for a new billing system. This included directing two resources to develop the new programs. Without this purge function the files would have been too large for the ADABAS database.  
  • Part of a team that successfully upgraded the Life Vantage system from VSAM to DB2. This included added embedded SQL to existing programs.
  • Promoted to Applications TechnologySenior Engineer in 1999.


Applications Programmer, Completed maintenance projects on financial systems and Accounts Receivable systems. Promoted to Applications programmer Analyst in 1991.

Large Government AgencyStaff Auditor, Someplace, AK, 1981 – 1982

Performed management and financial audits of state agencies. Gained extensive knowledge of laws and rules governing government agencies, and also about the laws and rules applied by the agencies.  Also learned how the departments interfaced with local government entities and federal departments as well, including general knowledge of the intricate financial interrelationships of local, state and federal government departments.



Accounting, Bachelor of Science Someplace University, AK,

Data Processing Associate Degree, Someplace Technical College,

Life Office Management Association Certifications: Fellow of Life Management Institute, Reinsurance Administration Associate, Customer Service Associate, Level One Fundamentals of Life and Health Insurance       

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