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Handling Difficult

                 Scientific, Practical Ways
               To Handle Difficult People

This seminar teaches you the most effective methods for leading angry customers and constituents away from confrontation and toward cooperation. A seasoned veteran customer service professional will explain field-tested methods for handling angry customers or constituents. 

All of this will lead to greater confidence, because you know you have become better equipped to handle future upset customers or constituents.

You will find out how to listen with power while keeping your personal distance and staying calm but also effectively serving the customer and yourself at the same time.

To aid retention, you may practice these new skills in class

You will increase your knowledge of techniques for handing and turning around angry demands and questions.

The seminar identifies and helps you understand the most frequent causes for constituent and customer anger and the best approaches to resolve their concerns.

You will strengthen your skill in maintaining calm, self control and thereby prevent stress consequences from repeated contacts with angry customers or constituents.

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