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Grammar Brush Up

                  Grammar Brush Up
You don't need to know all the rules in a 400-page grammar textbook for most of your modern business writing. Attend this well-planned course to learn or refresh yourself in just the essential rules that you need everyday. 

The veteran instructor will help you realize how much you already know and then assist you in adding to that knowledge. 

Answers to your individual questions 
  • Bring up your individual grammar concerns and allow our expert instructor to teach you simple answers.

This class and the follow-up practice lessons will help you break through your grammar worries and build a lasting knowledge of correct usage.

Simple methods for identifying parts of speech 
  • You must know parts of speech if you want to master grammar, and this course will make that easy.

  • You will learn how to distinguish nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, gerunds and other parts of speech that are the foundation for modern grammar.

  • Drills during class and in the follow-up lessons will make sure you won't forget this important information after you get back to the office. 
How to correctly use independent and dependent clauses 
  • You will find out how easy it can be to distinguish a clause from other word groups. More importantly, you will learn to the difference between an independent clause and a dependent clause, and how to use them appropriately to construct sophisticated sentences. 
Correct usage of commonly misused words
  • Affect or Effect? Lay or Lie? Alright, alright, or All right? These and other frustrating word choices will be resolved and then practiced during the full-day class and also during ten drills that will be sent to you over ten months. 
Correct punctuation 
  • Punctuation marks are crucial traffic signals that can ensure our thoughts are conveyed correctly and clearly amid the heavy traffic of our words.
Free Help Afterwards
  • The instructor will take a few calls or emails to answer inquiries long after the workshop so that each participant gets the help he or she needs when they actually are trying to apply what they have learned in the workshop. 

Attend this seminar to clear up uncertainties you may have regarding when to insert a coma or any other of grammar's traffic signals. 

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