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Fundraiser Director

This applicant had many experiences, and she chose to emphasize her "revenue increasing" experiences because she was seeking a fundraising position (which she won).

Jane A. Doe  
555 Long Drive, Someplace, IL ,  555-555-5555

OFFERING:  Proven track record of increased revenue and accomplishments for my organization based on my executive ability to get things done through teams so that goals are achieved on time, efficiently, cooperatively and with high quality and lasting durability.  Superior work ethic and exceptional teamwork skills based on my excellent interpersonal skills and good understanding of people.  



MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR, Someplace Country Club, Someplace, IL 2003 to 2009  
Increased revenue and membership to assure the continuity and quality of the organization. 

  • Created positive year-end cash flow allowing for additional $250,000 payment for  debt-service reduction on renovation loans; developed and implemented eight marketing strategies in six years to attract new members to the organization.
  • Actively sought qualified prospective members; oversaw the membership process, implemented marketing campaign for Intermediate program and increased targeted category from 3 to 38 within three years.
  • Led an initiative to win approval and then implemented highly successful membership marketing plans based on research conducted on both national and local trends in the industry; regularly produced market studies to assure optimal positioning.
  • Maintained exceptional communications to steward memberships and requests that resulted in growth in annual renewals and increased revenue; assisted members in special requests, serving as the first contact point for questions and to resolve concerns. 

  • Acted as the first contact with prospective members, gave tours and answered questions; conducted initial screening of prospective members for candidacy.  I was frequently complimented by new members on the welcoming experience they had working with me when joining the organization.
  • Developed a past history report to demonstrate Ozaukee’s attrition rate had decreased 7% from 2003 by year-end 2007, prior to the bigger loss of 2008-9 recession.  Improved the Membership report detail to include financial correlation to monthly budget.  Membership report was used as one of the primary elements for the budget process and forecasting on operational spending and debt service planning.  Prepared and presented reports to Board of Directors and various committees and at Annual Meetings.
  • Edited and oversaw the production of the organizational newsletter, website and all printing and marketing materials to ensure a consistent and professional appearance, in accordance with organizational design; gained additional skills in web formatting and creative writing.

  • Produced regular electronic communication with members to apprise them of upcoming activities and information which resulted in frequent responses that helped the organization better understand, serve and consequently retain more members than other similar clubs in the Midwest where membership often declined while ours maintained.
  • Proved executive skills as Manager on Duty for period of six months in absence of General Manager; was rewarded with bonus and letter of commendation from Board of Directors.
  • Developed concept, wrote and presented strategic plan and implemented new Kidz Klub program at Someplace Country Club (Friday night children’s activities) which resulted in immediate participation, additional dining room revenue and new Intermediate memberships.  Hired and trained staff and managed program for initial six months; continued oversight thereafter.  Received special bonus and Service Star Award from Board of Directors.  Many members comment that Kidz Klub was my “crowning achievement”.

Membership Director, Fancy Club, Someplace, MI, 1999 to 2002  
Managed all recruitment and retention activities, membership and marketing sales in a private, downtown city club; had exceptional success in targeting new demographic market of young, affluent, professional members under age 40.

  • Continued to maintain a steady flow of incoming new members and fees; developed marketing strategies to maximize new member recruitment potential by collaborating with Membership Committee.
  • Created innovative program (Young Members Society) to recruit targeted group of young members by developing social and networking where young professionals could get to know top business executives in the community; many young members joined and renewed membership specifically for this network.
  • Established new, innovative process and database to manage referrals and actively solicited for qualified prospects.  Frequently commended for my timely follow-up with all membership referrals.
  • Created and used scientific data to develop historical tracking and trend information to ensure acceptability with Board and Membership Committee in creating membership campaigns.
  • Increased teamwork, cooperation and organizational performance by maintaining high level of communication with General Manager and entire management team regarding all member feedback and requests.
  • Designed marketing and public relations materials used in member recruitment including two comprehensive brochures that were highly popular with current and new members.

Manager of Admissions, Scheduling and Registration,  Big Hospital, Someplace, MI, 1997 to 1999 
Responsible for more than 90 staff and supervisors who operated admissions for inpatient, emergency room and outpatient areas of hospital, covering 14 different sites, 24-hour/7 day service.                          

  • Patient satisfaction and billing accuracy were increased by streamlining patient access points in the system from 32 to one central scheduling/registration point.  Redesigned and implemented new patient access system of centralized scheduling and registration to cover the expansion of 32 outpatient clinics.  Led a multi-level, cross-functional team.
  • Reorganized staff and reduced turnover through morale boosting and staff development activities.
  • Built cohesiveness and teamwork within leadership staff through redesign of responsibilities, education and mentoring.

Loaned Executive, United Performing Arts Fund, Someplace, MI, 1999   
Helped achieve a record-breaking, overall increase of 5.6% in the history of UPAF at the time.  Initiated and managed all fund-raising activities related to assigned Workplace Giving accounts in 1999 United Performing Arts Fund Milwaukee Campaign.

  • Managed over 30 company accounts to develop strategic plans for workplace giving campaigns; Met with company coordinators to determine goals and timeline.
  • I was recognized by the leaders of UPAF as one of the Loaned Executives that stood out for my enthusiasm and energy.  Spoke at more than 50 presentations to motivate and educate audience about campaign purpose and initiatives resulting in campaign contributions.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Someplace Public Theatre, Someplace, MI, 1999 to 2001  
Raised contributions from individuals and corporations to achieve revenue for operations in keeping with the theatre’s mission of making the arts financially available to everyone.

  • Successfully collaborated with committee and volunteers to plan and facilitate the first, annual Fall Fundraiser event.

Manager of Admissions, Someplace Psychiatric Hospital, Someplace WI, 1992 to 1997 
Responsible for total operation of more than 20 staff who operated the Admissions, Telecommunications departments and Outpatient clinic secretarial services; coordinated all inpatient and outpatient hospital billing activities with corporate billing at Aurora Health Care

  • Redesigned training of department staff increasing productivity, elevated staff skill level and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Created a new source of revenue for the hospital by developing a system of follow-up and negotiation for billing denials.
  • Successfully led first Continuous Quality Improvement team; elected to Quality Council for Aurora Health Care.


Masters in Business Administration, Big University, 2002, Someplace, MI
Club Marketing Professional Certification, Professional Club Marketing Assn, 2004
Bachelor of Arts -- Drawing and Painting, University of Someplace, 1989


Professional Club Marketing Association, Member, 1999 to 2008

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