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Finance professional

See how this finance pro uses numbers to show success, and then how successes led to growth in responsibilities.  Again, look for the words "gained" or "learned" and "improved" along with compliments and awards.

Jane C. Doe 
555.555.5555   555 Long Street, Someplace, AK

OFFERING:  Top-performing finance professional with strategic vision and award-winning initiatives that significantly improved financial results affecting more than $1 billion in revenue.  Strong financial advisor with organization-wide perspective of operations, sales, marketing, legal and human resources.  Superior team leader with very strong work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills leading to steady growth in responsibilities and promotions. 

Key Strengths and Expertise

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Modeling
  • Cost Reductions
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Account Management
  • Compensation Plans
  • Team/Process Improvements

Career Experience

Big Corporation, Someplace, AK Finance Manager (4/09 – Present), Senior Financial Analyst (4/05 – 4/09)

Managed and significantly improved financials for products with revenues of $1 billion over four years by conducting comprehensive product-cost analyses, developing multi-million dollar financial modeling, recommending price actions that are regularly implemented, and performing budget variance analyses and, when necessary, proposing cost reductions or revenue increases to ensure profit margins are achieved. 

Successes led to steady growth in responsibilities and two promotions.  Key member of the category leadership team providing clearly defined financial metrics, education, and guidance to achieve corporate goals. 

  • Partnered with cross-functional team and external vendors to launch a new product platform resulting in an additional $400 million of gross revenue over five years.  Identified potential barriers and worked with team to resolve them and thereby ensured success.  Gained more knowledge of regulatory requirements and manufacturing processes while also improving team leadership skills among members with varying priorities and cultures.  Received special company award for achievement.
  • Identified and implemented productivity initiatives and pricing strategies that improved margins by 30% through a complete category analysis supporting the strategic vision.   Improved ability to determine which initiatives had the greatest potential to succeed in highly competitive marketplace.   Received second special company award for achievement.
  • Developed and managed a pricing model resulting in annual revenue increase of $100 million in the midst of record-rising commodity costs.  Gained skill in presenting data-based recommendations to persuade upper management that proposals are sound and feasible in practical work environment.
  • Developed major plan that secured $55 million of capital for new manufacturing line to support category growth through volume modeling and a business proposition model.  Gained expertise for assessing capacities of internal operations and external vendors, and how to leverage their capabilities to create optimal cost-effective sequences and maintain highest quality product.

Big Company, Someplace, IL, Senior Business Analyst (4/04 – 4/05),  Business Analyst (5/02 – 4/04),

Directed annual operating plan process for business unit including the creation of a $17 million expense budget and a $400 million revenue budget.  Prepared forecasts, developed budgets, and performed variance analysis in accordance with the business plan.  Responsible for all aspects of the organization’s compensation plans including the creation, maintenance, and all payouts.

  • Implemented a new business component to the sales managers and directors’ compensation plans resulting in an increase of $13 million in incremental revenue.
  • Analyzed compensation plans and made recommendations on structural plan changes to save more than $1.2 million over five years.  Received special, unplanned bonus for this achievement.
  • Reduced expenses, projected to save more $2 million over five years, as a result of extensive analysis of travel, telecom, express mail, copier leases, office supplies, document management, and cell phone policies. 
  • Coordinated the system conversion of Peoplesoft 8.4, while resolving unforeseen difficulties and thereby keeping transition on track and on time.  Improved ability to quickly understand rapidly changing situations and formulate action plans that gain buy-in of affected staff.
  • Spearheaded and created a sales-optimization analysis that was presented to upper management that led to reorganization of sales resources that made the sales effort more effective and efficient and better focused on strategic goals.
  • Recruited, developed and managed a staff accountant.

Big Accounting Firm, Someplace, NY, Accountant (9/01 – 5/02), Accountant Intern (1/00 -- 4/00)

Jointly conducted audit engagements for public and private clients in the manufacturing, distributing, and financial service industry.

  • Assisted in all stages of the audit including planning the audit, testing, and preparing financial reports.
  • Consulted senior management of companies on FASB and SEC regulations.  Assisted in the preparation and presentation of strategic recommendations to clients to enhance business performance. 

Large Corporation, Someplace, MN, Merchandising Intern (6/99 – 8/99)

Created weekly sales forecasts for products determined by sales trend analysis.  Analyzed product performance by store location to determine the appropriate amount of inventory per store.  Interacted with vendors on a weekly basis to discuss product performance.  

  • Conducted and presented to management an extensive research project on market trends and floor space utilization, which was implemented in the stores.
  • Assisted the Senior Buyer in the product development of the “Restore and Restyle” home décor line through vendor meetings and product testing.

Education & Credentials

Masters of Accountancy, University of Someplace, WI, 2001,

Bachelor of Business Administration, Accountancy, University of Someplace, 2000

Passed the Certified Public Accounting Exam, 2001

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