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Facilitation Skills

                       Facilitation Skills
                      That Work and Win Praise

Using the concepts of the Continuous Improvement, this class features facilitator skills that are practical for teams of five people and task forces of fifty diverse individuals. 

Find out how you can build enthusiasm for the practical use of the powerful yet simple tools like the cause-effect diagram, Pareto charts, and simplified flow charts.

Once your team members see how these tools with help them make invisible problems become visible and then produce realistic solutions, they'll insist on using the tools for other important thinking and action.

  • Get updated on the subtle but important improvements in brainstorming techniques.

  • Learn how to facilitate and direct a team whether you are part of it or not.

  • Discover how asking questions can often be more effective than giving directions.

  • Find out how easy it is to get "talkers" to stop and how to get quiet people to speak freely.

  • Practice your new role in a safe environment before you go "public".
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