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Be Un-stoppable

Work THIS HARD To Get a Job  -- Chose To Be Un-Stoppable

I was 17 years old when medical and financial disaster hit our low-income family while we lived in the inner city of Milwaukee long ago. I landed in the hospital for two weeks, and my mother and younger sister had to stay longer due to the illness that swept through the family.  My father was severely ill and not working.

I was the primary breadwinner then, and we had been depending on my clerk's salary at a local trucking company.  But the trucking company replaced me during my two-week illness (no job rights then), so I lost my job and the family paycheck. 

Jobs were scarce for high school graduates without training.  Many people said they couldn't find a job.  I got determined and decided I would find a job or drop over from trying.  I decided that I would walk the entire city of Milwaukee, major street by major street, knocking on every door of every store or factory.  I would not be stopped by anything except collapsing from exhaustion.

I first day I got sore feet and no job after many miles and doors.  On the second day, a very hot one, I was losing faith in my plan but kept going nonetheless even without lunch.  By 5 p.m. that afternoon, I lucked out by walking into a small machine shop where a worker had quit earlier that day.

I told the owner that I would do any job and learn any machine, and that I needed to support my mom and sister when they got out of the hospital.  I was hired.

Lesson one:
If you want to beat the competition, you must work harder and longer they they do.  Work 40 hours a week or more to win the job.  You would work 40 hours at a job; why not work 40 hours to get a job?

Make a decision that you will not be stopped by anything short of death.  Yeah, sounds a little wacky, but try it and see how powerful you can make yourself. Pretend you are a Marine and won't be stopped. Because, in real life, the only thing that stops us many times is ourselves  -- we give up, quit, or whine that we are tired and it isn't worth "it."  Don't do that to yourself.  Be un-stoppable.

Lesson two:
I would never have found that job if I had not done something different and extra.  I would not have had the "luck" to walk into a shop that had just lost a worker.  What if I used only the newspaper or Job Service (where thousands of my competitors go)?  I would never have found that job.  It would have taken weeks or months to get a job.  My friends were amazed I did it in two days.  

Do something every day to seek a job.  You will often feel good about yourself.  And you will find job choices sooner than your competitors who are still just looking online or in the newspaper like the other 10,000 job seekers.

Al Guyant, true story

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