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Al Guyant is an award-winning trainer, speaker, resume and job interview coach, author, facilitator, meeting moderator, media coach, and consumer affairs professional. He is president of Guyant & Associates in Madison-Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, a training and consulting firm specializing in human communications and services. He is co-author of Manager's Tough Questions Answer Book and Beat The Press.

Al has prepared line staff and CEOs for ‘60 Minutes’, ‘Dateline’, and other tough-question formats. Al has handled more than 20,000 news media contacts and consumer complaints in his career.

He has lectured for the UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, Michigan State Uni., Kansas Univ. and Texas A&M. Al Guyant has trained thousands of people in  government, non-profits and private industry 

The attendees included company presidents, division managers, line staff, clerical assistants, politicians, and many others.

Al has founded state and national organizations and consumer networks to improve customer service and program funding. He has organized large state and national consumer conferences and is often a featured speaker. He has more than 17 years experience in consumer affairs and public information with the Wis. Public Service Commission and other government agencies. Al has ten years experience as a newspaper reporter or editor with The Milwaukee Journal, Janesville Gazette and other news media.

Al has appeared before the U.S. Senate, Wis. State Senate, Wis. State Assembly, Missouri Legislature, Pennsylvania Legislature, Alaska Public Utilities Commission, and Colorado Public Service Commission. He has also advised state and federal agencies on consumer programs and policies. He has been a consultant to political campaigns and holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice from the UW at Milwaukee.

  Presenting communications workshop in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

  Addressing general session in Washington DC

  A breakout session in Dallas, TX

  Facilitating teamwork in Madison, WI

Irina Ioffe is a writer, content and creative director, brand development expert, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker who works with executive leaders and their teams to help them succeed.

In 2017, Irina was ‘Featured Speaker’ on the University of Wisconsin Communications Panel. Her writing appeared in The State Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Capital Times, The Isthmus, Madison Essentials, Madison 360, and more. She secured client appearances on local NBC 15, FOX, NBC, and CBS stations, as well as nationally.

From the ground-up, Irina developed and led a high-profile branding and public relations project— the establishment of The Beacon, a homeless day resource center in Madison, WI. Through her representation of The Beacon, her client, Jackson Fonder was named the ‘In-Business Most Influential Person.’ That same year, Irina also led public relations campaigns for clients such as, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Dane Co., Willy Street Co-op, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, Half Price Books, Office and Professional Employees International Union, and more.

Before moving to Madison, Irina lived in Milwaukee, here she was a journalist and wrote a column called, “I on the City.” Simultaneously, she was Manager and Events Coordinator for one of Milwaukee’s most historic places, Watt’s & Sons; The Tea Shop.

She also taught English as a Second Language at Atwater Elementary. Irina also spent some years on Lake Beulah in East Troy, where she and a business partner went to co-found East Troy Aviation, for which she acted as a Marketing and Public Relations Manager.

Currently, Irina is a Marketing Director of Executives Breakfast Club where she works with CEOs and transformational leaders to make positive change in how business is done. Irina also works independently with various clients on writing, creative, and marketing projects. 

She volunteers her time as a Board of Directors member of the Theatre Guild of Madison, as a Marketing Manager of Play Time Productions, and as a Core Member of the Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition.

Driven by the desire to add beauty to the wold and to help good people succeed, Irina brings her creativity, ardent passion for learning, and love of doing things right to every encounter and every project— every time

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