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Al Guyant is an international trainer, speaker, author, facilitator, meeting moderator and media coach, and resume and interview coach, who is semi retired in the Madison, Wisconsin area.  He is an former Marine and served in Vietnam war.

Al is president of Guyant & Associates LLC, Madison-Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, specializing in 
human communications
 and services  He is co-author of Manager's Tough Questions Answer Book and Beat The Press

Al has prepared line staff and CEOs for ‘60 Minutes’, ‘Dateline’, and other tough-question formats. Al has handled more than 20,000 news media contacts and consumer complaints in his career. He is a former newspaper reporter, government investigator and manager.

Al has lectured for the UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, Michigan State Uni., Kansas Univ. and Texas A&M. Al Guyant has trained thousands of people from government agencies and private industry these and other topics below.  

Irina Ioffe is a writer, content and creative director, brand development expert, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker who works with executive leaders and their teams to help them succeed.

In 2017, Irina was ‘Featured Speaker’ on the University of Wisconsin Communications Panel. Her writing appeared in The State Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Capital Times, The Isthmus, Madison Essentials, Madison 360, and more. She secured client appearances on local NBC 15, FOX, NBC, and CBS stations, as well as nationally.

Here are some of our seminars, which we always tailor to your needs:

  Free  Resume Tips
Make Your Resume

Your Beat Competitors'

Only 3 of 100 applicants get interviewed.  This process will show you that you have much more to offer than you realize.  

Most people fail to get the extra persuasive stuff into their resumes.  But now you will, because you are reading this and your competitors aren't.

You don't have to be a good writer.  This site will help you with that.  If you are ready to break through and are willing to do the hard work (or pay us if you must), then keep reading.  

What is often missing?

  • Knowledge you gained from experiences,
  • Skills you gained or improved,
  • Results you helped achieve,  
  • How often and how well you did your work,
  • Much more  -- see examples on this site.

You must have a well-prepared resume, because the
resume gets the interview, and then the interview decides who gets the job (unless the job is wired for someone with connections).

You must be willing to work hard
, at least 10 to 40 hours. You need to build your master resume "inventory" that will include short statements about all of your paid and non-paid work experiences. Everything!

Only then do you select items from the resume inventory to tailor for a resume for a specific job.
Each job varies -- so must your resume if you want to be among the 3% who get interviews!

Most good jobs have at least 100 to 200 applicants.  How can you climb to the top 3% who get interviews if you send in a generalized resume?  It won't fit the job specs very well.  It will fail to show the extras you have that might help you win a precious interview.

It is a job to get a job, so accept that reality and get ready to work hard.  The only shortcut is to pay someone like us to help you.  Sure, you can buy our help, but first see if you can do it for free!  

Click here for more on How to 
Construct A Resume That Beats Your Competitor's.

This site is dedicated to Winifred Simonis Guyant, whose life and caring for others continues to make the world better.  Read more.
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